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8 Types of Orgasm & How to Achieve Them


What is an orgasm?

We all seem to have a rough idea of what an orgasm is, but how do you actually define it? Everyone conceptualises orgasms in a different way — some say they feel like explosive, magical fireworks, while others experience a physical release of tension.

On a physiological level, orgasm is a peak of pleasure that involves contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. It can occur alongside ejaculation, vocalisation such as moans, and a euphoric, pleasurable sensation.

While we generally associate orgasms with sexual stimulation such as intercourse or clit play, there are many ways to reach orgasm. The truth is — all orgasms come from the same place so they’re all technically the same ‘type’ of orgasm, however, different forms of stimulation can make orgasm happen. VUSH’s sexpert Steph unpacks 10 ways to orgasm and shares tips on how to achieve them.


1. Clitoral orgasm

What is the clitoris?

The entire VUSH team will never stop preaching the importance of clitoral stimulation for orgasm — and that’s a promise. Clit play is one of the most common ways for vulva owners to reach orgasm. With over 10,000 nerve endings, the clitoris is the pleasure centre of the body and is much bigger than just the little nub on the top of the vulva. You can learn more about the clitoris here.

How do I have a clitoral orgasm?

There are a variety of ways to stimulate the clit. Use fingers, hands or a vibrator, to do rubbing, circling, tapping, stroking, figure eight or pulsing motions. Try stroking up and down the labia to activate the “legs” of the clitoral network (the crura and bulbs). Share the love with the top of the vulva near the clitoral hood and pubic mound as this can also stimulate the clitoral network. We recommend clitoral vibrators such as a clitoral suction vibrator or a bullet vibrator for clitoral orgasms.

Pink illustrated diagram of the clitoris including hood, glans, urethral opening, vaginal opening, crura (legs) and bulb


2. Vaginal orgasm/G-spot orgasm

What is a vaginal orgasm?

A vaginal orgasm is actually just an extension of a clitoral orgasm, when the clitoris is targeted from within the inside of the vagina. Otherwise known as the G-spot, the erogenous zone within the vagina is really just a combination of the erect clitoral network and the urethral sponge. This type of stimulation can encourage squirting or ejaculation for vulva owners (this doesn’t always necessarily coincide with orgasm though). 

How do I have a vaginal orgasm?

The best way to stimulate the G-spot and encourage vaginal orgasms is to use a ‘come-hither’ motion with fingers or an internal vibrator. Internal orgasms can also occur through penetration with a penis or dildo, but this may be easier in certain positions such as doggy style or cowgirl. To enhance vaginal orgasms, stimulate the entrance of the vagina and the first third of the vaginal opening, as these are the most sensitive parts of the vagina. We recommend a G-spot vibrator for vaginal orgasms.

Person wearing nude underwear holding VUSH Myth G Spot vibrator behind back/bottom


3. Penile orgasm 

What is the penis?

The penis is the pleasure centre of the body for those who have one — it is the anatomical equivalent of the clitoris. The most common way for penis owners to orgasm is through direct stimulation of this penis. This type of orgasm often coincides with ejaculation, but this isn’t always the case. When it comes to pleasure, the most important parts of the penis are the frenulum (the underside where the tip meets the shaft), the tip or head, the shaft, and the scrotum. 

How do I have a penile orgasm?

Since the frenulum and tip are the most sensitive parts of the penis, go light on the head and apply more pressure to the shaft. Try stroking, circling, tapping, rolling, massaging, twisting, or compressing motions with fingers, palms or hands. Other sensations such as vibrations, licking, or sucking are also great. We recommend a vibrating stroker or a cock ring for penile orgasms.

Illustrated diagram of penis including tip, frenulum, shaft and testicles, against purple/pink/orange gradient background


4. Anal orgasm/prostate orgasm 

What is the anus/prostate?

The prostate is a gland within the reproductive system of those with penises. Located a couple of inches into the anus, the P-spot feels like a walnut and is a key pleasure spot.

Whether or not you have a prostate, the anus is packed with nerve endings which can feel orgasmic. The most sensitive part of the anus is the entrance, so it doesn’t need to be full penetration to reach orgasm. 

How do I have an anal orgasm?

Stimulation of the anal opening such as a vibrator or gentle circling, tapping, pressing, or massaging with fingers can feel great. We recommend a wand vibrator with a broad surface area for external anal use.

To stimulate the prostate, use a similar technique to the G-spot and try a gentle massaging or ‘come-hither’ sensation. This can feel nice for those who don’t have prostates too. We recommend an internal vibrator with a large flared base for anal/prostate stimulation.



5. Blended orgasm

What is a blended orgasm?

A blended orgasm occurs when two erogenous zones are stimulated at once. It’s one orgasm from more than one type of sexual touch. You may have already had a blended orgasm without even realising. Have you ever stimulated the clitoris and G-spot at the same time? How about the anus and nipples, vagina and neck, or penis and ears?

How do I have a blended orgasm?

The main thing you need to have a blended orgasm is two erogenous zones. Choose two hot spots on the body to focus on. From there, the best way to facilitate orgasm is to sync up the pace/pressure of both forms of stimulation so the body can get into a rhythm. We recommend a rabbit vibrator for blended orgasms — this works best on the clit and G-spot or anus and perineum. If you're looking for a little more control, using two toys can also be preferable. We have a range of G-Spot Vibrators perfect for mixing and matching, or if you already have an internal vibrator, try adding a compact bullet vibrator for external stimulation.


Person wearing beige jumper and light pink intimate bottoms holding VUSH Muse Rabbit Vibrator against hip


6. Nipple orgasm

What is a nipple orgasm?

The nipples can be one of the most sensitive spots on the body for many, no matter your anatomy, gender or sexual orientation. The nipples are an easy way to experiment with blended orgasms — why not incorporate some nipple play into oral sex or touch your nipples during penetration?

How do I have a nipple orgasm?

Each person will like different types of nipple stimulation, from tracing, rubbing, twisting, and pinching, to sucking, licking, and nibbling. Don’t forget that vibrators are great for nipples too! We recommend a dual tip vibrator or a bullet vibrator for nipple stimulation.


VUSH Swish dual tip vibrator and pink hard case pictured against light grey background


7. Coregasm

What is a coregasm?

Have you ever had an orgasm during an ab workout? Maybe you know someone who has? Don’t worry, you’re/they’re not alone! Getting close to, or reaching, orgasm while exercising is a completely normal experience. Whether an accident or intentional, coregasms occur when the core and pelvic floor muscles are activated in a way that simulates sex. An orgasm with no hands!

How do I have a coregasm?

If you’re looking to explore this type of orgasm, focus on your breath and your movement. Be mindful with your breath and visualise breathing energy into your genitals. Get your hips and glutes involved (hot tip: the hip bridge position works wonders). You can even incorporate a prop like a pillow or foam roller to prop your body up into a more helpful position.


Person's ankles wearing black leggings and feet stepping on green pilates mat


8. Sleepgasm 

What is a sleepgasm?

The sleepgasm is another hands-free orgasm. It’s totally normal to become aroused in your sleep and even reach climax (ever heard of wet dreams?). Experiencing physical arousal during sleep could be the result of a sexy dream or it could just be a change in brain activity that isn’t really sexual at all. Some people wake up during their sleepgasm, others are still asleep but are conscious enough to feel the orgasm, and others sleep right through it. Sleepgasms will be different for everyone!

How do I have a sleepgasm?

Steph may be a sexpert but even she doesn’t have the answer to this one. We can’t control what happens in your sleep! May we suggest having a maz before bed and going to sleep dreaming about your one true love — Empress 2?


Person with blonde hair lying on stomach in bed with shirtless back exposed in bedsheets


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