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Erogenous Zones & How to Stimulate Them

Naturally, when we think about sex our minds jump straight to genitals, and might even wander over to breasts, hands, or mouths. In reality, the entire body is an opportunity for sexual stimulation as we are sexual beings that are filled with erogenous zones. From head to toe (or more accurately, the scalp to the feet), there are many different body parts that can provide us with pleasure during sex.

When it comes to stimulating erogenous zones, there are infinite ways to do so. Using hands is a classic method — but different types of stimulation, including rhythm, speed, pressure, and pace, all make a difference. Erogenous zones can also be stimulated using sex toys such as vibratorsVibrators are great for exploring erogenous zones due to their variety of pleasure settings to personalise stimulation and range of different toy types to suit different needs.

VUSH’s sexpert, Steph, shares everything you need to know about erogenous zones.


What are erogenous zones? 

What does erogenous zone mean?

Erogenous zones are sensitive parts on the body that can be stimulated for sexual pleasure and feel pleasurable to touch because they’re packed with nerve endings. This can include anywhere on the body that feels good, such as the neck, hands, inner thighs, and booty. When stimulated, erogenous zones can arouse your body, encourage blood flow, and make you feel mentally turned on.

Does everyone have the same erogenous zones?

While there are various points on the body that are considered erogenous, how sensitive and pleasurable they feel will differ from person to person. For example, some people have highly sensitive nipples, while others find that nipple play doesn’t do anything for them. Each person will like different things and resonate with different erogenous zones.

When should you stimulate the erogenous zone?

Erogenous zones can be stimulated throughout the entire sexual experience, whether it’s kissing, foreplay, oral sex, or intercourse.




10 erogenous zones and how to stimulate them

Let’s dive into some of the most sensitive and pleasurable erogenous zones, along with some tips for how to bring the best out of them. Keep in mind, this will be different for everyone, and if you’re exploring a new zone with a partner, you’ll need to check in with them to see if it’s giving them fireworks or missing the mark. 


1. Clitoris

By now we hope you’re fully aware of just how sensitive and erogenous the clitoris can be. Did you know there are over 10,000 nerve endings? The clit is more than just a little button at the top of the vulva, it’s a whole entire network inside the body. Shaped like a wishbone, the clitoral network sits around the vagina and even becomes erect (yes, like a penis).

Wondering how to stimulate the clitoris? There are a few types of touch that can produce pleasure. We recommend experimenting with rubbing, circling, tapping, stroking, figure eight, or pulsing motions. And of course, a clitoral vibrator like a bullet vibrator or a clitoral suction vibrator are great options. Clitoral stimulation can be done alone or with a partner using hands, tongues, penises, sex toys, and more.

 Illustrated diagram of the clitoris including shaft, glans, bulbs, crura, urethra opening, and vaginal opening



2. G-Spot

Since many view the G Spot as somewhat of a mystery, we’re here to shed some light on this pleasurable area. The G Spot can be found internally within the vagina on the vaginal wall that faces the stomach. Everyone’s anatomy is different, so this could be located anywhere within 1-3 inches from the vaginal opening.

The big secret about the G Spot is that it's less of its own distinct spot and actually just the back of the clitoris. Remember the clitoral network that we just spoke about? When the clitoris becomes erect, it presses up against the vaginal walls, which is why the G Spot can only be located once the body is aroused.

The G Spot is the erogenous zone that is most associated with squirting. Squirting is a form of ejaculation from the urethra (but it isn’t totally pee!). Some people experience this from internal stimulation to the G Spot since the area wraps around the urethra. Others find it occurs from external clitoral stimulation alone, such as when using a clitoral suction vibrator.

Ever searched up how to stimulate the G Spot? We’ve got you covered. The key is to start with full body arousal (a.k.a lots of foreplay and clitoral stimulation) so the G Spot. This gives the G Spot a chance to show up and the vagina an opportunity to lubricate, lengthen, and open up to prepare for penetration. If using hands, try gently pressing two fingers against the internal wall facing the stomach and using a ‘come-hither’ motion. To target the G Spot with a sex toy, we recommend an internal vibrator as a beginner friendly option or a rabbit vibrator for dual stimulation including the external part of the clitoris. During penetration, try the spooning position, legs on shoulders, or doggy style while leaning on forearms or lying down flat on your stomach with a raised pelvis and arched back.

If you're interested in exploring G-Spot stimulation, we have a range of G-Spot Vibrators made to help you stimulate your G-Spot.


3. Vagina

Most people consider the vagina the most erogenous zone, and while it certainly is a pleasurable area, it’s not always the hotspot. The vagina is the internal part while the external part including the clitoris is referred to as the vulva. Compared to the clitoris, the vagina is not as sensitive — remember, the vagina is designed to birth a baby (which would be even more difficult if it was super sensitive), while the sole purpose of the clitoris is pleasure. When people experience vaginal orgasms, it’s most likely their G Spot or the back of the clitoris being stimulated from within.

The most sensitive part of the vagina is the entrance and first internal third. This is why the initial act of penetrating the vaginal opening, and the feeling of being ‘full’, can feel so pleasurable. To stimulate the vagina, focus on the entrance using shallow techniques, apply gentle pressure to the walls, add lots of lube, and combine with clitoral stimulation.


4. Nipples

The nipples are another widely popular erogenous zone to explore during sex. But let’s get one thing straight — nipple play has no gender or sexuality. For those with a menstrual cycle, the phase of your cycle or whether you’re pregnant can affect nipple sensitivity.

Have you ever thought about how to stimulate nipples? Whether it’s with fingertips, tongues, or sex toys, the opportunities are endless. Each person will like a different amount of pressure on their nipples. Some like biting or sucking from a partner, while others like light touch with hands or tracing with fingers. Others prefer the sensation of hands or toys on the general breast or chest, rather than focusing on the nipples.

When it comes to nipple play with toys, a dual tip vibrator is the perfect toy for the job. With two adjustable arms, Swish can be adapted to suit any nipple size or sensitivity. Another great option for vibrator nipple play is a bullet vibrator, especially a bullet with a flexible precision head that can be gently moved around the nipple. You could also try incorporating a prop such as a feather or a sensory experience such as intimate wax.


5. Perineum

The perineum is the area of skin between the scrotum and anus on people with penises or between the vagina and anus on people with vulvas. Also known as the “gooch”, the perineum can be a highly sensitive spot.

To stimulate the perineum, try gently massaging the area with hands, fingers, or knuckles. The perineum is also a great spot to pay attention to during oral sex. Sex toys can also be used on this area, and we recommend trying a bullet vibrator or a G Spot vibrator externally.


6. Anus

Anal play is an essential for some, but completely off the cards for others. Like nipple play, anal play has no gender or sexuality. While highly erogenous for all bodies, the anus can be particularly pleasurable for people with penises since it can involve prostate play.

It’s important to remember that anal play works in stages and steps — internal penetration is not the be all and end all. External stimulation such as massage, rubbing, stroking, tapping, and circling motions can be fun either alone or in combination with stimulation on another erogenous zone. Experiment by using different parts of the hand, such as fingertips, knuckles, and palms. You can also use sex toys for anal play, such as an external vibrator on the outside or an internal vibrator on the inside (make sure that internal vibrators have a large, flared base that acts as a stopper so that nothing gets lost in the booty).

Don’t forget the lube! Lube is essential for anal play, as the area does not self-lubricate (unlike the vagina).


7. Shaft

It’s time to get into some specifics for penis owners. When we talk about the shaft, we’re talking about the main part of the penis. The shaft often gets a lot of attention during sex, and for good reason. Like the clitoris, a penis becomes erect when aroused and the person’s shaft size appears to grow. It’s a sensitive spot with a lot of surface area free for pleasure.

The shaft is a key erogenous zone for penis owners, and can be stimulated with the hands, mouth, vulva/vagina, anus, and sex toys. When it comes to toys, we recommend using a vibrating stroker on the shaft. This toy can enhance your classic handjob by adding a ribbed sensation along with unique vibrations. A penis stroker can be combined with oral sex from a partner focusing on the head of the penis, while the toy sits around the shaft.

Close up of hand holding VUSH Sol orange vibrating stroker


8. Frenulum

Another penis specific erogenous zone is the frenulum, the part on the underside of the penis that connects the head and the shaft. Although this spot is relatively small, the frenulum is the most sensitive part of the penis. It can be particularly sensitive for people with foreskin.

To stimulate the frenulum, first add lube. You can use your hands, working with the thumb or a fingertip, or focus on this area during oral sex. We recommend whipping out the vibrating stroker for the frenulum too, and emphasising the stroking motions around that spot. You can also hold a regular vibrator such as a bullet vibrator against the frenulum too, or try adding some lube and rolling it gently up and down the area.


9. Neck

The neck is another popular erogenous zone. Often associated with kissing and biting (hello hickeys!), the neck can be a super sensitive area. The nape of the neck is particularly sensitive to touch. The neck can also be stimulated with hands, whether it’s a strong massage around the lower neck towards the shoulders, or a gentle tracing of the fingertips along the neck towards the collarbone. And of course, you can even use a vibrator on the neck. We recommend a clitoral suction vibrator to simulate neck kisses, a bullet vibrator for some classic vibes, or wand vibrator to get out kinks and aches.


10. Ears

Another hot spot for kissing and biting, the ears are a very sensitive area for some. Pleasure may be felt more so in the earlobes, or alternatively around the helix and cartilage area. Some people also like the sensation of a tongue inside the ear!

Whether it’s an intimate tuck of the hair behind the ear, or a sensual nibble on the lobes, the ears can feel sexier than you might have once thought. Experiment with kissing, sucking, blowing, stroking, nibbling, or gently breathing onto the ear. An added bonus would be getting up close and personal for some dirty talk!

Three women smiling wearing pink summery loungewear against pink background


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Ready to share your erogenous zones with a partner? Check out our guide to sexting or tips for incorporating sex toys into partnered sex.


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