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Top 10 Sex Ed Resources: Everything You Wish You Learnt

Still making up for what your teachers and parents didn’t teach you? VUSH’s sexpert, Steph, has made a list of the best of the best when it comes to sex education. From books and TV series to podcasts and sexologist Instagram accounts, here are our top 10 picks for sex ed resources:



1. ‘Come As You Are’ by Emily Nagoski

If you’ve already started your sex ed journey, you’re probably all over this game-changer. Come As You Are covers the science behind female arousal and desire in everyday language. If you’ve ever wondered how people in the movies seem to all of a sudden feel an all-encompassing sense of horniness at just one look or touch, read Come As You Are. There’s also a special edition available with a worksheet and interactive activities!

For more on author and sex educator, Emily Nagoski (she/her), check out her InstagramTedXTalks and podcast. 



2. ‘The Sex Ed You Never Had’ by Chantelle Otten

Again, if you’re familiar with sexology, you’d know all about Australia’s leading psycho-sexologist, Chantelle Otten (she/her). Her first book, The Sex Ed You Never Had, covers everything you need to know about sex through fun facts and illustrations. With detailed chapters about puberty, body image, masturbation, consent, kink, and more, The Sex Ed You Never Had tackles the foundations of sex ed in a fun and empowering way. All the information has been reviewed by medical professionals.

For more on Chantelle, browse her Instagram or the website of her Melbourne-based sexology practice, the Australian Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine.



3. ‘Sex Education’ on Netflix

Sex Education on Netflix is more than just a British teen comedy-drama. It unpacks casual hookups, the stigmatisation of STIs, pleasure, masturbation, coming to terms with one’s sexuality, and more. There is a wonderful range of diverse characters, LGBTQIA+ identities, and queer relationships. Sex Education will make you laugh, cry, and question why you’re learning the most valuable sex ed of your life from a bunch of high school characters in a Netflix show. 


4. ‘The Principles of Pleasure’ on Netflix 

The Principles of Pleasure is a mini docuseries that combines sex, joy and modern science to debunk common myths about female pleasure. The three episodes cover bodies, minds, and relationships broadly, with subtopics including clitoral anatomy, the orgasm gap, masturbation, and more. In The Principles of Pleasure, you’ll hear about the sex lives of a diverse range of guests and watch some of the world’s best sexperts (including Emily Nagoski who we mentioned earlier) answer questions about sex, anatomy and pleasure.



5. ‘I May Destroy You’ on HBO/Binge 

HBO’s I May Destroy You is an at-times-difficult, but important, watch. Trigger Warning: The plot revolves around creator, director, and lead actress Michaela Coel’s real life experience of rape. I May Destroy You deals with sexual assault with nuance, displaying stories of both male and female victims. It features a mostly black cast and includes LGTBQIA+ characters. Don’t worry, it’s also a comedy, so you’ll have a laugh while taking home important messages about consent. 



6. ‘Search Engine Sex’ by Rowdie Walden 

This podcast isn’t releasing new episodes at the moment, but trust us, your questions have already been answered. In Search Engine Sex, Aussie host Rowdie Walden (he/him) answers the most commonly searched sex and relationship questions, from how to prep for anal to how to get over someone. Episodes are split up into main eps and quickies, and often feature well-known sexologists and professionals in the sexuality field. Search Engine Sex is credible, hilarious, and educational (the holy trinity!)

Get to know Rowdie on Instagram and join the Search Engine Sex podcast community here.



7. ‘Speaking of Sex’ with The Pleasure Mechanics

US co-hosts and lovers, Chris Maxwell Rose (they/them) and Charlotte Mia Rose (she/her), make up the power duo that is The Pleasure Mechanics. In Speaking of Sex, The Pleasure Mechanics shed light on the background science of sex and give practical pleasure tools through candid conversations and expert interviews. Plus, Chris and Charlotte’s voices are so soothing to listen to, which is always a bonus point for a podcast, right?

Pre-listen to snippets of the podcast on The Pleasure Mechanics Instagram page.



8. ‘Lovers and Friends’ with Shan Boodram 

Shan Boodram (she/her) is another huge name in the sex ed game, having featured on and hosted multiple sex and relationships TV shows (Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle and MTV's Guide to Sex, to name a few). Shan hosts sexperts and guests on her podcast, Lovers and Friends, to approach sex and dating topics such as motherhood and sexuality, dating in your 20s, gaslighters and narcissists, dating with a mental illness, STIs and more.

Get a taste of Shan Boody’s vast portfolio of work on her Instagram.




9. ‘@QueerSexTherapy’ by Casey Tanner

Casey Tanner (they/them) is a US-based sex therapist that specialises in gender and sexual diversity. You can find the most practical sex ed out there on the Queer Sex Therapy Instagram page. Whether you’re looking for communication tips, guides to queer sex, tips and tools for masturbation, or facts about orgasms, Casey covers it all in a clear and digestible way.

Check out Casey’s website for more information on them, along with their brand new podcast, Safeword, for their unfiltered take on sex and dating.



10. ‘@Meg_CallanderSexologist’ by Meg Callander

Meg Callander (she/her) is one of our favourite sexologists here at VUSH. She works at the Australian Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine (AISSM) in Melbourne alongside Chantelle Otten. Her Insta is a mix of educational content and sensual pics, plus she’s always posting external sex ed to her stories. With qualifications in sexology, embodied counselling, and sexological bodywork, Meg takes a holistic yet scientific approach to sexuality. 

Read Meg’s bio on the AISSM website for more info about her.


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