POP Collection - Discreet & Quiet Vibrators

If you have ever wanted a discreet, compact device that allows you to be spontaneous and live life to the full, look no further than our POP Collection at VUSH. Inspired by silhouettes found in cosmetics and beauty collections, this perfect pairing of beauty and pleasure has created a quiet vibrator that fits snugly into any makeup bag, so you can enjoy a bit of fun-loving wherever you are!


How quiet are the POP Collection vibrators?

A silent vibrator is perfect for enjoying a little pleasure on the go. Our POP collection’s range of discreet vibrators is whisper quiet, recording a noise level of less than 50db. So, next time you feel in the mood, slip any one of our silent POP collection into your beauty bag and enjoy!

What size are the POP Collection vibrators?

The POP collection vibrators are wonderfully compact and discreet. They blend seamlessly with your makeup bag, handbag or even luggage. Our exact product sizing’s are as follows:

●  GLOSS:90 x 25 mm

●  PLUMP:83 x 55 mm

●  SHINE:165 x 45 mm

SWISH:118 x 50 mm

Is the POP Collection waterproof?

Waterproof designs are one of the best ways to provide the ultimate pleasurable experience that can be easily cleaned and maintained wherever you are. Our POP Collection offers discreet and silent vibrators, each made with medical-grade silicone and a fully waterproof design, ready to help you enjoy spontaneous self-loving wherever you are.

How should I store my POP vibrator?

Vibrators should always be stored and maintained at the highest possible level. Not only does this improve the performance of your device, but it will also help to ensure a hygienic and pleasurable experience every time. Always store your adult toy with its lid on to avoid dust build-up or damage from other materials and keep it safe from sunlight or extreme heat.

What Makes the POP Products So Discreet?

One of the great things about our POP collection at VUSH is that they are so easily mistaken for the commonplace beauty products found in handbags and nightstands worldwide. Housed within cute pink containers for a travel-friendly design, these quiet vibrators can be stowed discreetly wherever you go, so all you need to do is pop off the lid and voila!

Furthermore, these stylish, yet hard-wearing case covers ensure that the button interface for each vibrator is securely covered, allowing you to discreetly charge your concealed device and avoid any awkward buzzing in transit!

Discreet + Petite Vibrators

Our VUSH POP Collection offers a discreet, quiet alternative to your full-size favourites. Designed to provide customers with a line of vibrators you can take anywhere, our POP Collection delivers a variety of compact options to delight any individual.


If you are looking for intense and targeted pleasure, nothing beats an expertly crafted bullet vibrator. Enter the GLOSS vibrator. Inspired by a girl’s best friend, the humble yet fabulous lipstick, this discreet, pocket rocket vibrator packs a punch.

The GLOSS bullet vibrator is one of the most versatile vibrators on the market, as it can be placed on the clitoris, nipples, or any erogenous zone. It also boasts ten vibration settings so you can enjoy total control, and is made with medical-grade silicone, so it is simpler to clean and maintain.

An easy addition to intercourse for added external stimulation, the GLOSS bullet vibrator is the perfect travel companion when you are out and about.


When you choose the PLUMP vibrator, you will enjoy its egg-shaped design that puts pleasure in the palm of your hand. Inspired by the iconic beauty blender, this cute design is easily mistaken for an everyday beauty tool for that extra level of discretion. This super soft and squishy palm vibrator offers ten silent vibration settings to achieve greater precision and broad stimulation of the entire vulva. Opt for this waterproof and smooth design for a more gentle, sensual touch that you can enjoy whenever and wherever you want. 


If you have yet to experience the tantalising touch of a dual-tip vibrator, then our SWISH vibrator is the perfect place to start. Designed for super personalised pleasure, this discreet device can provide targeted external stimulation wherever you like it. The use of bendable arms ensures that the ideal amount of pressure is applied, and is perfect for nipple stimulation, as the arms can be adjusted to sit comfortably on either side. What’s more, the medical-grade silicone and silent, waterproof design guarantee sensual stimulation anywhere, anytime.


Want a discreet, silent vibrator that really hits the spot? The SHINE vibrator is a ten-speed g-spot vibrator that is expertly created to provide internal and external stimulation on the go. Made with medical-grade silicone and a fully waterproof design, this quiet vibrator is ideal for adventurous individuals looking for next-level self-love.

With a flat tip, Shine applies consistent, gentle pressure to the G-spot or clitoris. Due to its compact size and non-intimidating design, Shine makes the perfect beginner’s internal vibrator.


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