Lingerie Sets

Meet our latest collaboration with KissKill, a limited edition collection of carefully curated lingerie sets to help you feel your best in and out of the bedroom. Connect to your body and your pleasure in new ways with the new expertly crafted lingerie sets from VUSH. Whether you choose a matching set or experiment by mixing and matching your favourite lingerie items, we have a diverse selection of lingerie online to suit your mood. Your Body, Your Pleasure.

Lingerie FAQ’s 

Want to know more about how to care for your new red baby doll dress or blue G-string lingerie? Here are answers to the lingerie FAQs everyone is asking! 


How do I care for lingerie?

Lingerie sets are delicate. To properly care for your lingerie, from a G-string to a baby doll dress, it is best to hand wash where possible. This will help to prevent stretching and potential damage to your items. If you must machine wash, always use a mesh bag to place your lace lingerie for extra protection. You can then leave your sets to air dry to keep the elastic flexible and prevent shrinking or damaging the fabrics. 

How often should I wash lingerie?

Lingerie underwear, such as knickers or a G-string, should be washed after every use for hygiene reasons. A bra or baby doll dress can benefit from being washed after two or three wears to protect the integrity of the fabric and the construction. Over-washing can damage the elasticity in the garments, which is an essential part of the design that provides the necessary support. 

Can I put lingerie in the dryer?

Try to avoid the dryer if you can. Lingerie like a G-string, knickers, suspenders, and baby doll dresses can have their designs compromised by the dryer’s heat. Even your everyday bra is susceptible to damage. Though it might take longer for your set to dry naturally, hanging them on the line or a drying rack is the best way to ensure longevity and quality.

Does lingerie have to match?

When you buy lingerie online, you get to decide. Lingerie doesn’t have to match, but a matching set never goes astray. Given how lingerie sets often include matching items makes this selection easier, as you can easily find everything from a G-string with suspenders, knickers, underwear, or a baby doll dress to fit your style. 

That said, nothing is stopping you from mixing and matching – if you prefer to shake things up by combining your pink or blue lingerie, go for it!

What lingerie and underwear size is best for me?

Measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust to find the best lingerie size for you. Once you know this measurement, combine this with your cup size to find the right fit. Remember, every lingerie set should be comfortable. So, if trying items on is possible, whether this is a bra, G-string, or a baby doll dress, it is well worth the time. 

Explore Lingerie Sets Online

At VUSH, we have expanded our horizons to create dreamy lingerie sets in collaboration with the lingerie experts at KissKill.

We are excited to introduce this new, effortlessly chic range, including lace underwear, pink and blue lingerie, and more! By using delicate materials and meticulous designs to provide support and comfort, you will find the perfect underwear garment for your every need. 

Our mixtures of romantic, plush lingerie sets are available online to add an extra bit of excitement and luxury to your everyday outfits. We know these versatile and flattering designs will quickly become a favourite in your underwear collection, so why wait? Get ready to expand your underwear collection with our stunning designs, from pink or blue knickers to neutral suspenders and browse our lovely lingerie sets online. 

Featuring everything from the classic pink bra and blue lace lingerie to more daring suspenders, knickers, and G-string designs here is a sneak peek of what you can expect from our VUSH x Kiss Kill collab! 


No lingerie collection is complete without a good quality bra or two. Our bras are designed to support breasts for maximum comfort while inspiring play and confidence. Available in various fabrics and textures, a lace bra suits any taste and matches any piece, from pink knickers to baby blue suspenders. 

The Spell on You Balconette Bra in our VUSH x KissKill collection combines delicate lace and soft mesh to create a flirty blue lingerie design. Featuring soft gold hardware, adjustable clasps and elastic lining, this lingerie set offers a dreamy look and comfortable fit.


Knickers are as much an underwear staple as a bra. A vital part of any collection, our selection of knickers is available in various designs, materials, and sizes. Perfect for everyday use (because you don’t need a special occasion to bring out the lingerie), these items are soft and comfortable, making them a popular choice.

There are seemingly endless cuts and designs available online, including the G-string so that you can find the perfect fit every time. Our Spell on You Brazilian Knickers is the ideal choice for those seeking a comfortable fit and soft, luxurious lace detail in their lingerie.


Aside from holding stockings in place, suspenders create a fearless silhouette that lends a sensual, individual edge when paired with your favourite pink bra or G-string.

The Spell on You Suspenders from VUSH x KissKill is designed to reflect this. Its use of delicate lace and soft mesh creates a timeless piece that will become an underwear staple, with its ability to combine classic design with modern comfort.  

Baby Doll Dress

A baby doll dress is a great option for those looking for a comfortable slip on piece that celebrates sensuality. Generally a lighter clothing item, a baby doll dress is a loose-fitting piece of nightwear that looks great and fits beautifully with any lingerie, including a bra or G-string.

The Slow Burn Silk Baby Doll dress from VUSH x KissKill uses 100% mulberry silk to create a deliciously delicate piece of lingerie that looks incredible in or out of the bedroom. The perfect combination of sultry and sweet, this is one baby doll dress that won’t disappoint.

Why You Should Wear Lingerie

Wearing a cute lingerie set is a great way to connect with your body and your sensuality. By investing in well fitting lingerie online, you are investing in yourself and your pleasure. Whether you’re putting on a lingerie set to have a solo boogie, take some flirty pics, or surprise a partner in the bedroom, lingerie is a surefire way to make yourself feel good. Even if no one else sees your lingerie sets, wearing your favourite knickers or suspenders can inspire confidence and creativity while boosting your mood.

Romance yourself and discover the uplifting effects that beautiful lace lingerie can have on your personal life and relationship with self. Learn more about our VUSH x KissKill collection by contacting our VUSH babes today!

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