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Gifting Guide - Top 5 Sex Toys for Partnered Play

Looking to get a gift that benefits both you and your partner this Christmas? VUSH has you covered with their range of couples sex toys. From clitoral vibrators to sex toys designed for penises and couples, you’re sure to find the perfect gift.

Introducing toys into the bedroom may feel nerve-wracking and overwhelming at first, but can ultimately provide benefits including increased intimacy, better chance of orgasm, higher dopamine levels, and more overall pleasure. To make the process of using sex toys with a partner a little easier, VUSH’s sexpert, Steph, has created a guide to the top 5 toys for partnered play.


1. Cock Ring

What is a cock ring?

A cock ring, or as we prefer to call it at VUSH, a pleasure ring, is a ring that sits around the base of the penis during intercourse. It slightly restricts blood flow to encourage stronger and longer-lasting erections and more powerful orgasms.

Orb even has vibrating rabbit ears to stimulate the other partner at the same time! Commonly used during vaginal or anal sex, a pleasure ring is a great addition to a couple’s sex life as it brings extra sensation to both partners.

cock ring is a great gift for anyone with a penis or anyone who sleeps with a partner with a penis.

How do I use a cock ring with a partner?

To use a pleasure ring, place the ring on the base of the penis when semi-erect.

During vaginal sex, adjust the rabbit ears so that they are facing up towards the the top of the vulva and can sit comfortably against the clitoral glans. Close and intimate sex positions, such as missionary, cowgirl, or lotus, make this easier as they allow the receiving vulva owner to make contact with the rabbit ears and grind against the toy.

Same rules applies for anal sex but the toy needs to be flipped 180 degrees so the vibrating rabbit ears can stimulate the receiving partner’s perineum. A pleasure ring can also be used on a dildo during strap-on partnered play. For more specifics on how to use this fun couples toy, check out our beginner’s guide on how to use a cock ring.

Two hands holding on orange couch next to orange box that reads "PLEASURE RING | VUSH" and orange vibrating cock ring


2. G-Spot Vibrator

What is a G-spot vibrator?

G-Spot vibrator is one of the most versatile sex toys on the market because it can be used both internally and externally, solo and with a partner. G-spot vibrators have a long internal arm with a gentle curve and a tip that is designed to rest comfortably against the G-spot. The G-spot is actually an area more so than a spot — it sits at the back of the internal clitoral network and can be accessed from within the vagina against the vaginal wall that faces the stomach.

G-spot vibrators can also be used externally on the clitoris and both externally and internally on the anus. Did you know G-spot vibrators double as P-spot vibrators for those with a prostate? Similarly to the G-spot, the prostate sits a couple of inches into the anus and can be felt on the wall that faces the stomach. Hot tip: Ensure that your internal vibrator has a large flared base at the end before using it anally!

G-Spot vibrator is a great gift for anyone with a clitoris, vagina, or prostate.

How do I use a G-spot vibrator with a partner?

There are a few different ways to use a G-spot vibrator with a partner. Have a partner use it on you internally during foreplay, or try mutual masturbation where you both use one at the same time! G-spot vibrators can be used externally on the clitoris during penetration. A G-Spot vibrator with a slim neck, such as Myth, or a small and subtle design, such as Shine, should fit easily between two bodies in a variety of sex positions. This type of vibrator can also be used anally if you’re into double penetration, or alternatively externally for an intro to anal play. Read our beginner’s guide to using a G-spot vibrator for more info.



3. Penis Stroker 

What is a penis stroker?

vibrating stroker is a masturbation tool designed for the shaft of the penis. Commonly known as a penis stroker or masturbator, a vibrating stroker is designed to mimic a handjob and is one of the best sex toys for a penis. Using a ribbed internal design and flexible wings, a penis stroker should sit comfortably around the shaft of the penis and feel pleasurable when used in a stroking motion. With its various pleasure settings and vibration modes, a stroker is the perfect tool for edge play if you’re looking to prolong sex.

penis stroker is a great gift for anyone with a penis or anyone who sleeps with a partner with a penis.

How do I use a penis stroker with a partner?

vibrating stroker is best used during foreplay and handjobs. Whether you’re using a stroker while your partner uses a sex toy of their own, or having a partner stroke for you, this sex toy will definitely take your handjob up a notch. Strokers can also be used during oral sex if a partner stimulates the tip of the penis with their tongue and mouth while the stroker works the shaft. If you’re keen to explore edging and teasing, you can also use the stroker on the shaft while shallowly penetrating the vagina or anus with the head of the penis (remember, the vaginal opening is one of the most sensitive parts of the vagina!). If you’re looking for other ways to use Sol, read our beginner’s guide on how to use a penis stroker.

Hand holding orange vibrating stroker


4. Wand Vibrator 

What is a wand vibrator?

wand vibrator is a powerful external vibrator with a large head to target a big surface area. For example, when using a wand vibrator on the clitoris, the toy will always send broad vibrations to other parts of the vulva. A wand vibrator is one of the most powerful vibrators on the market, which is great for partnered sex — in the presence of a partner there tends more stimulus and more going on than during masturbation, which means you might need a stronger form of stimulation to orgasm.

wand vibrator is a great gift for anyone with a clitoris (or anyone who could use a massage).

How do I use a wand vibrator with a partner?

Have a partner use a wand vibrator on you as foreplay — the big surface area means a partner is bound to hit the right spot (so if your partner hasn’t quite found the clit yet, this may be a good option). Use the vibrator on the clitoris or external part of the anus during penetration. Due to its size, it’s best to use a wand vibrator in sex positions that don’t include much pelvis-to-pelvis contact, such as doggy style or spooning. The large surface area of Majesty 2 also allows for two partners to use either side of the toy at once, for example, two vulva owners putting the vibrator between each other’s genitals and grinding against it. Alternatively, use a wand vibrator for full body massage during foreplay or after sex!

 Person with shaved black hair holding Majesty 2 orange wand vibrator next to face


5. Bullet Vibrator

What is a bullet vibrator?

bullet vibrator is a staple in any vibrator collection. Bullet vibrators are external vibrators designed for the clitoris, however they are versatile enough to be used on any body part. Bullet vibrators are non-intimidating in size and appearance, but pack a punch despite their subtlety. A bullet vibrator with a flexible head is especially versatile because it can be used on penis owners too, specifically on the  tip or shaft of the penis, the scrotum, or the outside of the anus.

bullet vibrator is a great gift for anyone with a clitoris.

How do I use a bullet vibrator with a partner?

One classic way to use a bullet vibrator during sex is to place it the clitoris during penetration. A petite and subtle bullet vibrator is one of the easiest vibrators to add into intercourse as it is small enough to be held during missionary and other close positions. To use a bullet vibrator during foreplay, try mutual masturbation, or put on a show for a partner. Try using Rose 2’s flexible head to circle the tip of the penis, hold against the frenulum, or roll the toy down the shaft. Read our beginner’s guide to using a bullet vibrator for more info.

Hand holding light pink bullet vibrator against light pink background


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