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Beginner’s Guide To Using A Penis Stroker


What is a penis stroker?

Ever wondered what the best sex toy for a penis is? Let VUSH introduce you to the vibrating stroker. Commonly known as a penis stroker or masturbator, a vibrating stroker is a sex toy designed to mimic a handjob. (This differs from a penis sleeve or fleshlight, which goes over the entire penis to mimic intercourse.) A stroker sits around the shaft of the penis and adds a new type of sensation using a ribbed design and vibrating motor.

Sol | Vibrating Stroker

Meet Sol, a beginner-friendly penis stroker by VUSH, designed for couples looking to add more play into their sex lives. VUSH is rebranding penis sex toys by creating a non-intimidating penis stroker for use during foreplay. Sol is an open-ended, ribbed penis stroker with flexible wings and 10 vibration settings to choose from. Sol is part of VUSH’s couples play collection, the newest range of sex toys for penis owners designed to be used with partners.

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Why use a penis stroker?

There are 3 main benefits to using a penis stroker:

1. Take the handjob up a notch

Using a stroker can add extra layers of pleasure to the sex act that we all know and love — the handjob. A vibrating stroker essentially feels like an expert-level handjob! The main feature of a stroker that allows you to take your handjob up a notch is the ribbed internal design, which adds a pleasurable texture against the penis.

2. Experience vibrations on the penis

Using a vibrating sex toy on a penis creates a fun, new, unique type of sensation that feels completely different to hands alone. The vibrating motor of a penis stroker offers a variety of different types of pleasure that feel like a sensual massage for the penis. Vibrating sex toys are not just for vulva owners! Vibrations on the penis can increase arousal and blood flow, leading to stronger erections and increased pleasure.

3. Enhance foreplay with a partner

An open-ended penis stroker is the perfect sex toy for couples to use together during foreplay. The open-ended design allows a partner to stimulate the tip of the penis with their hands, mouth, or genitals, while the toy sits around the base and shaft. Using a sex toy with a partner can enhance intimacy, inspire creativity in the bedroom, increase the chance of orgasm, and even improve communication skills in couples.

4. Experiment with edging

A vibrating penis stroker is one of the best ways to edge a penis. Edging is a form of orgasm control when you postpone your orgasm by bringing down the intensity just before orgasm, so that you can build it back up again even stronger. The different settings on a vibrating stroker allow you to alter the sensation to best suit what you need in the moment. For example, if you feel yourself getting too close to orgasm before you’re ready, why not swap to a more gentle pleasure setting?

5. Waterproof + body-safe material

Penis strokers are one of the most body-safe sex toys on the market because they’re made of medical-grade silicone. This makes them safe for use pretty much anywhere, including in the shower if your toy is waterproof (look for the IPX7 waterproof rating). This offers an opportunity for solo or partnered play in a new and exciting environment. Don’t forget the lube though — water can make things a bit tricky by washing away natural lubrication.

How to use a penis stroker

Now that you’ve got the downlow on why penis strokers are great, it’s time to learn how to actually use one. VUSH is here to save the day — here’s our 8 step guide to using a vibrating stroker:

1. Start with lube

good-quality lubricant will totally transform the experience of a penis stroker. Apply lube to both the inside of the stroker and straight to the shaft of the penis. Since strokers are made from silicone, it’s best to use a water-based lube (silicone-based lube may deteriorate the material).

2. Place the stroker on the penis

First, ensure the product is fully charged. Place the penis stroker over the shaft of the penis. Adjust the wings to accommodate for size and ensure the fit is comfortable (strokers are specifically designed with flexible wings to suit all sizes).

3. Enjoy the ribbed design

Start getting used to the feel of the toy before considering turning it on. Glide the stroker along the shaft of the penis (this is where the stroking comes in). Feeling the ribbed texture of the toy against the penis is an experience within itself. If you’re wondering where the most sensitive spot on a penis is, that would be the frenulum (the spot where the foreskin meets the underside of the penis), the tip of the penis, or the shaft.

4. Turn on the vibrations

When you’re ready to dial it up a notch, hold the power button down for 3 seconds to turn the vibrations on. Begin on the lowest level and move the stroker up and down the shaft, then explore other pleasure settings. Sol offers 10 modes to choose from — take your time on each one, discovering whether it feels good as it is or whether you’d prefer to enjoy that sensation while using a stroking motion. Using vibrations on the penis offers a fun, new, unique type of sensation that feels completely different to hands alone.

5. Try different paces + positions

Experiment with different types of stroking by changing up your pace. You can also try different grips depending on where you like the stroker to sit along the shaft. Change up the positioning of your body — are you standing, lying down, or sitting up on raised knees? You can even change your location too, and since Sol is fully waterproof, why not use it in the shower?

6. Get a partner involved

Once you’re comfortable using the toy on your own, invite a partner! As previously mentioned, a partner can massage the tip of the penis with their hands, mouth, or genitals while the stroker is being used. Otherwise, they can get another erogenous zone involved, such as the balls, perineum, anus, nipples, neck, or mouth. Alternatively, try mutual masturbation where you use the stroker while your partner uses another sex toy on themselves.

7. Clean + dry your stroker

Cleaning your vibrating stroker after each individual use is essential. The material of your toy will determine how you clean it. It is safe to use warm water with a gentle soap to rinse the toy (just make sure you’re extra careful with the mechanics or battery area if your toy is not waterproof). You can also use a dedicated sex toy cleaning spray or gentle cleansing wipes if you’re not in the mood to get up and find running water.

No matter how you clean your sex toy, it is just as important to know how to dry it. Let your penis stroker air dry on a clean surface or pat it dry with a clean towel. Here’s exactly how to clean and dry your sex toys.

8. Store your toy away + charge

Once you have cleaned your vibrating stroker, the next step is toy storage. Store your sex toy in the case it came in, or in a soft storage bag or hard storage case. Storing your sex toys effectively is essential to prevent dust or bacteria on the toy, which can lead to infection or irritation on your body. For more information on this, read our blog on how to store your sex toys.

Don’t forget to pop your toy on charge so it’s ready to go for next time! Sol will need to be recharged after 2 hours of use.

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