Couples Sex Toys

Finding new ways to bring play into the bedroom in an exciting step in any relationship. If you feel it’s time to shake things up with your partner, why not experiment with a selection of unique sex toys for couples? Couples toys are a great way to build your sexual repertoire and get creative in the bedroom. In fact, partner sex toys are a sure-fire way to introduce new types of stimulation so that, together, you can enjoy intimacy in a unique, exciting way. At VUSH, we offer a range of dynamic couples’ sex toys online. Read on below to learn more!

Couples Sex Toys FAQs

What sex toys can I use with my partner?

Depending on the type of sensation you are looking for, we have numerous couples sex toys available online in our VUSH range.

There are many ways to bring a traditional vibrator into partnered sex. For pinpointed pleasure, we recommend the Empress 2 as a medium-sized suction vibrator, ideal for partner sex. Alternatively, for a smaller, more subtle option, our Rose 2 and Gloss bullet vibrators offer stimulating sensations for couples to enjoy together. Finally, for those seeking a bigger toy that is easy to handle, the Majesty 2 vibrator will get you and your partner exactlywhere you need to go. 

To get a penis-owner involved, we recommend Sol Vibrating Stroker during foreplay. Check out our guide to using a stroker. When it comes to intercourse, Orb Pleasure Ring is the best option for couples. Here’s how to use a cock ring.

How do I bring up using sex toys with my partner?

Approaching the topic of couples sex toys may not be an easy conversation for everyone. The best way to start the conversation is always with honesty, openness, and no judgment. 

Put aside any myths and misconceptions surrounding using vibrators during sex, and start by making sure that you are comfortable using a sex toy in front of your partner. When you are ready, initiate a conversation while cuddling on the couch or during dinner, rather than putting them on the spot in the bedroom. Perhaps start by mentioning something great about your sex life before suggesting how you could incorporate vibrators to enhance things further. 

When should I use a sex toy with my partner?

You can include couples sex toys at any time during sex with a partner. Maybe try some clitoral stimulation with a vibrator or penile stimulation with a stroker during foreplay? Otherwise, experiment with an internal vibrator or a pleasure ring for mutual pleasure during intercourse. With so many vibrators available online at VUSH, the sky is the limit for pursuing personal pleasure with your partner. 

What are the best positions to use a couples sex toy?

You are limited only by your imagination when using couples sex toys. Vibrators can easily be added during intercourse in a variety of ways. Some more popular positions include cowgirl, doggy style and spooning positions, which allow the receiving partner to control their pleasure by adding extra external stimulation for a more intense orgasm. When using a couples toy such as a pleasure ring, positions like missionary and cowgirl that allow close bodily contact are the best way to ensure both partners get to enjoy the toy.

Couples Sex Toys

Explore Couples Play Sex Toys Online 

If you have ever used a sex toy, then you know they open a world of possibilities. Each of our vibrators available online at VUSH is designed for easy use so you can add pleasure to any solo session or sex with a partner. Every person is different, which is why we provide a variety of sizes, intensity levels and shapes to help you find the perfect toy to enhance your play.

Exploring new things in your sexual relationship can help to create a stronger bond with your partner. Sex toys for couples are no exception. From mutual masturbation to trying new positions, there is no end to the potential experimentation that comes from using vibrators and sex toys. 

Trust us, whether you are looking to explore the various erogenous zones of your body or hoping to delve deeper into your knowledge of external and internal stimulation, there is a sex toy for you online. 

We know it can be hard to introduce the idea of using sex toys with a partner, but remember, these pleasurable devices simply aim to encourage fun and experimentation in the bedroom. After all, if you are not having fun, what is the point?

So, why wait any longer? Jump online and find the perfect sex toy for you and a partner to explore and enjoy! If you have any questions about which of our vibrators will work best for you, get in touch with our VUSH babes by submitting an online enquiry today. Also, check our vibrator FAQs online to learn more about our diverse collection of couples sex toys at VUSH! 

The Benefits of Using Sex Toys with Your Partner 

Couples sex toys can revolutionise your sex life, but what about your relationship? While some believe sex toys are reserved for solo sex in place of a partner, it’s the opposite! Sure, a vibrator is great for masturbation, but the benefits it can bring to partnered sex are boundless. Every toy or vibrator adds to the experience, complementing the feelings we get with our bodies and adding a new type of stimulation. 

Sex toys for couples offer a variety of experiences and associated benefits, including:

- Creating more intimacy during sex as you play and experiment with new sensations and feelings, leading to a stronger bond between partners

- Achieving more intense and varied orgasms for more enjoyable sex and greater pleasure

- Better communication between partners, as you express your needs and desires while using couples sex toys and vibrators

- A fun addition to foreplay and external stimulation

- An exciting adaption to intercourse that encourages mutual pleasure

So, you see, using a couples vibrator during sex only enhances and enriches the experience you share with your partner. Let go of routine and scripts and start experimenting with couples sex toys to nurture your physical and emotional connection with your partner.


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