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5 Benefits Of Nudity And 5 Ways To Get Naked

How often do you put on your birthday suit? Is it only to shower or get hot and heavy? Perhaps it’s time to incorporate some more regular, non-sexual nudity into your day-to-day life. Nudity can be a source of vulnerability and insecurity for many, but learning to become comfortable in the nude can increase self esteem, teach you about yourself, help you connect with your body, and nurture your relationships! Here’s how.

5 Benefits Of Nudity:

1) Promote Body Neutrality.

Body neutrality is the idea that our bodies are functional and we don’t need to waste time worrying about how they look. This concept differs from body positivity which highlights the importance of loving your body unconditionally, which can be unrealistic for some people. Instead of focusing on what you love about your body, focus on what your body does for you, and learn to exist comfortably no matter what your body looks like. Spending more time in your birthday suit can help you feel neutral about your body.

2) Increase Self Esteem.

Being naked is a liberating and mood-boosting feeling. Choosing to be comfortable with your pubic hair, shaving rash, pimples, stretch marks, cellulite and all those wonderful natural things we’ve learnt to hate is life-changing. Research suggests nudity can improve your relationship with yourself, since West (2017) found that people who spent time naked with others in nonsexual contexts had higher body image and self esteem. In 2020, West found that people’s body image increased when they incorporated more nudity into their lives!

3) Connect With Your Body.

It’s easy to go about life feeling detached from our bodies, but everyone deserves to be in tune with their body and feel all those wonderful bodily sensations. Spending more time naked can help you learn about your health and your body parts. We, especially vulva-owners, don’t always spend time looking at our “private parts”. It can be hard to notice what’s going on down there without taking a proper look, so grab a hand mirror and make an effort to learn! Knowing your body inside and out is vital for your health so you can notice any abnormal changes.

4) Reduce Discomfort.

Spending more time in the nude allows you to become more comfortable in your own skin. And let’s face it, you’re dying to take those jeans off anyway. How many pieces of clothing in your wardrobe are truly comfortable? How often do you hold yourself in a certain way to reduce belly rolls or avoid flashing? Do your clothes leave marks from the tightness of your jeans or bra? Take it off, besties! You deserve to be comfortable.

5) Improve Your Sex Life.

Nudity is vulnerable. For some people, it’s really difficult to get naked in front of others. Becoming comfortable with your naked body alone is a great first step towards becoming comfortable being naked around others. The lessons you learn about the way your body looks, feels, and sounds through naturist activities can be applied to your next sexual encounter. For example, you might learn what your vulva looks like when aroused and therefore be able to recognise when you need to spend extra time on foreplay. Since being in the nude can improve body image, you may end up feeling more confident in the bedroom. Bring back sex with the lights on! 

5 Ways To Get Naked:

1) Sleep Naked.

It’s great to give your genitals some time and space to breathe, especially since tight-fitting clothes can trap moisture and encourage infections in vaginas and decrease sperm quality in testicles. Sleeping naked also lowers body temperature, which can decrease that feeling of sweaty sleep and improve your overall sleep quality. If you’re sexually active, the bedroom might be where you feel most comfortable naked, so going to sleep in your birthday suit could be the easiest first step for you.

2) Get Nude At Home.

Naked households are the coolest. How can you make your home a safe space for you and your family/housemates to be naked? If you’re lucky enough to have a private balcony or backyard, head outside! We can’t always be naked in public (duh), but combining nudity at home with some healthy vitamin D is a surefire way to increase your mood. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, stick to your bedroom or living room. Just be careful when cooking; the last thing you want is pasta sauce splattering off the stove onto your naked body.

3) A Few Extra Minutes.

If you’re not ready to lie around naked in the sun all afternoon or encourage your whole family to hang out in the nude, why not start with just a few extra minutes of nudity a day? Instead of getting into clothes or PJs as soon as you get out of the shower, do your skincare routine or make your bed first. Staying nude to do a few simple activities that are already regular parts of your day might be all you need to kickstart your journey to becoming comfortable being naked.

4) Go Skinny Dipping.

Grab your friends or partner and go for a dip in your birthday suit. Have a Google, maybe there’s a nude beach near you! If you’re not ready for others to see you naked, you can start by going alone. Skinny dipping in your backyard pool or in a secluded section of your local lake or beach is a great idea. How about a sunrise swim before the rest of the world wakes up? Trust us, you’ll feel amazing afterwards.

5) Get Naked With Friends.

Whether it’s feeling comfortable to change in front of your besties or diving headfirst into a nude yoga class, seeing other people naked can be a big source of self esteem. If being naked in front of others is something that scares you, face your fears with the people you trust! This could be a great bonding exercise. Plus, the 2017 study we mentioned earlier showed that positive body image was predicted by seeing others naked, not just being naked in front of others.

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With these five benefits and five tips in mind, it’s time to go au naturel!

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