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First Sex Toy? We Got You!

Whether you’re already a pro with your hands or you’ve never masturbated before, your first vibrator will change your life. Once you jump on the sex toy train, you won’t look back. All aboard!


Welcome to the club! Don’t worry, we’re here to teach you the ropes. Bear in mind, each person masturbates in a different way. There’s no one way to use a sex toy, however, we do have a few general tips to get you started.

Here’s our 10 step guide to your first experience of self pleasure with a vibrator.

Step 1: Charge Your Vibrator.

As soon as you get your hands on your new toy, put it on charge. A dead vibrator is the last thing you want when you’ve finally worked up the courage to start your sex toy journey.

Step 2: Get To Know Your Toy.

The most difficult part of getting a new vibrator can be figuring out how it works. Before using it on your body, get curious and play around with the button(s) to familiarise yourself with the pleasure settings. Remember to hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on.

Step 3: Set The Mood.

When you’re ready to get started, create a sensual space that makes you feel safe and helps you get in the mood. Put on some sexy tunes, light a candle and maybe remove the dirty clothes from your bedroom floor. If you can, lock the door so you’re not worried about being interrupted.

Step 4: Wake Up The Entire Body.

Before turning on your vibrator, start by using your hands to feel your way around your entire body. Sex is not only about the genitals; it can feel nice to touch your neck, shoulders, nipples or bum. Listen to your body, where does it want to be touched? If you’re ready for genital stimulation, start slow with your hands.

Step 5: Add Some Lube.

Feelin’ Myself Intimate Gel is our water based lube, your new vibrator’s best friend. Water based lube will make things easier and more comfortable for you without breaking down the toy’s silicone. Plus, applying the lube to your body in a sensual way can be great foreplay.

Step 6: Start Low and Slow.

When you’re ready to use the toy on your genitals or chosen erogenous zone, start slow. Begin by turning your vibrator on to the lowest pleasure setting. Experiment by holding the toy at different angles, placing it on areas of the body and moving your body into different positions. Take your time to find what suits you.

Step 7: Up Your Game.

Once you’re comfortable with the toy and wanting more, you can increase the pleasure settings. It may feel nice to move your body in sync with the vibrations, for example, swaying your hips to the rhythm or clenching your pelvic floor muscles with each buzz.

Step 8: Orgasm.

Believe it or not, this step is optional, because not all self pleasure needs to lead to orgasm. If you aren’t in a rush to orgasm and want to spend more time on self pleasure, try edging. Edging is a little trick where you lower the intensity or remove the toy just before orgasm to delay the big finish, then work your way back up to orgasm and repeat until you’re ready to orgasm. Others may find that when they’re ready to finish, their clitoris becomes ultra sensitive and the vibrations become too powerful, so they might need to switch back to hands or a lower pleasure setting right before they orgasm.

Step 9: Invite A Partner.

Once you’re a total sex toy pro by yourself, you might like to show a partner how it’s done. Use your vibrator on yourself during sex, get your partner to use it on you or even use it on them. Check out our Guide to Incorporating Toys in Partnered Sex for the specifics (and safety precautions).

Step 10: Wash, Charge and Store Away.

Once you’ve had your fun with your toy, you need to clean it for next time. Rinse your vibrator with warm soapy water or use our Intimate Wipes or Accessory Spray. Have a look at our Step By Step Guide to Cleaning Your Toys for cleaning tips. Charge your toy and store it in its bag or case to keep it clean for your next adventure.

Intimate Care range by VUSH



We know it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect vibrator when there are so many on offer. Each one stimulates the body in a different way; do you know what you like? We recommend people with vulvas begin with an external vibrator to stimulate the clitoris as this can be less intimidating than an internal toy.


A bullet vibrator is always a great place to start as it’s small, discreet and entry-level. Bullets are external toys used for clitoral stimulation. Our Next Gen bullet, Rose 2, is beautiful and sensual, with a slightly flexible head and firm base that allows you to experiment with different angles and motions. From our POP Collection, Gloss is the smaller and more affordable option, providing a simple, subtle, one-buttoned alternative to Rose 2.


Our palm vibrator, Plump, offers more of a gentle rumble compared to the intense buzz you’d get from a bullet. Cute, squishy and shaped like a beauty blender, Plump will quickly become part of your self love routine. Built for external use, you can place the tip on the clitoris for direct stimulation or go for broader sensation throughout the vulva by using the soft sides of this palm vibe.


For powerful vibrations and more general use, try a wand vibrator. Majesty 2 has a large surface area which provides broad sensation across the erogenous zone, compared to a bullet which creates more pin-pointed pleasure. Place Majesty 2 on the clitoris or against the entrance of the vagina in preparation for intercourse. Wand vibrators double as massagers and can be great for relieving tension all over the body.


If you think you’d prefer an internal toy, try Shine from our POP Collection. Always ease into any kind of vaginal penetration by using lube and starting with clitoral stimulation (the G-Spot only appears once the body is fully aroused). If you all of a sudden decide you’re not ready for something internal, Shine is just as spectacular when used externally on the clitoris. If you're a little more comfortable and know you prefer G-Spot stimulation, we also have a range of G Spot Vibrators designed to be with you the whole way.

No matter what you choose, all VUSH toys have multiple pleasure settings to allow you to explore what feels best for you. Our vibrators are quiet, waterproof and delivered in subtle packaging. They come with a USB charger and a bag or case for discreet storage. 

From left to right, brunette woman holding Empress 2 vibrator, blonde woman holding Rose 2 vibrator, black haired woman holding Majesty 2

Now that we’ve given you all our best self pleasure tips, it’s time to get the tools, whether it be a classic pink vibrator, or something a little more you.

Shop our Vibrators and Intimate Care range now!

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