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Aura Electro Pads

Replacement Pads
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2 Months Longevity
Easy Attach Mechanism
Universal Size
Exclusive Waveform Technology
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Aura Electro Pads
Aura Electro Pads
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How to Use Aura Electro Pads

1. Attach

Your electro gel pads click straight into your Aura device.

2. Peel

Remove the clear plastic backing and store in the Aura case for later.

3. Wear

Place your Aura on clean, dry skin in any area that feels comfortable to wear.

4. Store

When not in use, place plastic protective sheet back over the gel pads and store in the Aura case.

We spend 3,500 days on our period...

*Estimated data based on period pain lasting 2-3 days of your period

45 Hours

We spend 45 hours in front of the microwave waiting for the heat bag

18 Weeks

We lose 18 weeks to cancelled plans and time off work to lie on the couch in pain

4000 Minutes

We spend 4000 minutes waiting for the kettle to boil for our peppermint tea

1300 Pills

We pop over 1300 painkillers and hope this time they work

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