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The Couples Connection Kit

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The Couples Connection Kit, exclusive to the We Come First 14-Day Challenge, includes our best-selling Couple’s Play Orb Pleasure Ring, Curiosity Cues and 14 Day Challenge Calendar to help you prioritise your relationship and level up your intimacy.

Orb Pleasure Ring:

Orb is a pleasure ring designed with beginners in mind - it's the perfect starter toy for couples wanting to explore new and exciting experiences together. Orb is packed with benefits for both vulva and penis owners - meaning double the orgasmic joy!

Curiosity Cues: 

Curiosity Cues are a set of 50 cards to prompt discussions about intimacy with a partner. Designed to ignite conversations, helping you to build stronger connections and lead you to new and exciting experiences. 


He love love loves his Orb! When we're together, I love that it can be shared and targets both our needs. After testing an assortment of toys, the Orb is entirely perfect for us. 

- Vourneen C

So easy, so much fun and pleasure for both of us. Easy/unique rechargeable toy (my first!) and the texture is great! 

- Elysia G

Wow!! Best purchase! We loved it & have used it so much in the last few days! Double the pleasure. I highly recommend it. You will be just as happy as us with your purchase!! 

- Yesenia D

This is the first toy my partner and I have tried together and it was such an amazing experience! The vibration settings and selection was amazing! 

- Charlotte B

This is magical for me and my wife. So happy with this purchase! 

- Ben M

We love these cards. We have gone through them several times now. We have decent communication about intimacy, but this blows it open. I highly recommend! 

- Elysia G

How to Use The Couples-Connection Kit

Orb Pleasure Ring:

Introducing a new toy into the bedroom can feel a bit awkward at first but just remember it's not about getting things right on the first go - it's about embracing the silliness that comes along with trying something new and fun, together!

After all, there isn't a perfect recipe for couples play but experimentation, fun and open communication (about what does and doesn't feel good) is a great place to start! 


Curiosity Cues: 

Get curious with your partner. Our Curiosity Cues are designed to ignite conversations about sex and intimacy - helping you to build stronger connections and lead you to new and exciting experiences.

Start by setting the mood with your partner! Block out some time and switch on that ambient lighting. From here open up your deck of cards and take turns asking questions. Feel free to both give answers when the question is pulled or take turns answering, so you can revisit the questions and play again at a later date. 

14 Day Challenge Calendar:

1. We’ve curated 14 days of new + exciting activities to help you prioritise your relationship and level up your intimacy. Use this calendar to stay accountable + committed. 

2. Work through the curated steps each day of the challenge and tick them off as you go! See the results for yourself and your partner after 14 days.