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Starting to feel like you're just becoming roommates?

Reignite the spark with VUSH Curiosity Cues

Get curious with your partner. Our Curiosity Cues are designed to ignite conversations about intimacy and the bedroom - helping you to build stronger connections and lead you to new and exciting experiences.

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"The game you should have by your bedside table

After reading through some of these, I would recommend if you want to spice it up or ask the really hard hitting questions, GET THIS! Highly recommend!"

– Krystal W

“Love it , Sparked some fun, exciting and in-depth conversations with my husband that we would have never talked about.”

– Liana H

“We love these cards. We have gone through them several times now. We have decent communication about sex, but this blows it open. I highly recommend!”

– Elysia

Join thousands of couples who are deepening their connection today

50 Prompt Cards

Spark conversation about your preferences, desires and past experiences

Date Night Activity

Perfect to take on the road or play at the table or on the couch

Ignite conversations

Spark deeper conversations about your time between the sheets

Discover New Experiences

Learn more about your partner and explore new ways to connect

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