The Self-Connection Kit

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The Self-Connection Kit is exclusive to the I Come First 14 Day Challenge. The kit includes our best seller and fan favourite Empress 2, Self-Connection Cue Cards, Clean Queen and 14 Day Challenge Calendar.

With the VUSH Self-Connection Kit you will explore the connection with yourself and your body.

Empress 2: 

With a curved handle and whisper quiet technology, this little fan fave mimics the sensation of really good oral sex but with no strings attached. Whether you're new to toys or a seasoned pro, Empress 2 is set to give everybody a thrill. 

Connection Cues: 

50 cards designed for you to explore your connection with yourself and your body through sex-positive affirmations, self-love prompts, and self-reflection.

Clean Queen: 

An intimate accessory spray, designed to treat your self love products as well as they treat you. Clean Queen is made with no nasties to keep your toys, accessories and the environment happy.


Ahhhhhmazing!!! Wow is all I can say. I’ve never owned anything like it before. Think I might be addicted now 😅 Will recommend this to everyone! Thanks x

- Georgia W

It's amazing. Fantastic on its own and easy to use with a partner. Highly, highly recommend! Worth every bit of hype. 

- Taylor H

Words can’t explain it enough haha! It's amazing!! Easy charging and fairly discreet in sound making it an all rounder! Mmmm highly recommend girls! You will NOT regret the money spent here! 👏 

- Bethaney M

Absolutely love, sent down from the heavens like a kiss of an angel, so gentle but yet so intense. Has become a staple in my self love routine. 

- Reagan M

10 stars! Incredible - super quiet and discreet but very powerful. Beautifully designed and comes in a nice silky pink pouch. Easy to clean. Lots of settings so you can really tune in to exactly what feels right for you. 

- Kimberley R

In 2 words I’d describe it as mind blowing. The curve makes it super easy to hit the spot in any position, the different modes are AMAZING because depending on my mood. Guaranteed to be anyone's favourite go to toy, 10/10 for sure!!! 

- Nikita R

How to Use The Self-Connection Kit

Empress 2

Personalise Your Pleasure with 8 Patterns + 5 Intensities

1. Settle in and get comfortable, it's time to turn on your Empress. Hold down the power button for 3 seconds. Choose your fave starting pattern + level. Empress 2 is designed for clitoral stimulation, but its vacuum technology means you can use it on any area that can achieve suction.

2. Position the pleasure point over your selected area and apply a small amount of pressure to create a seal. Explore different levels and patterns to find how to best love yourself.

3. You’ll want to give yourself a standing ovation afterwards - if you can still stand.

Connection Cues:

50 Cards to Prompt Self Reflection + Inspire You to Prioritise Your Pleasure

1. Our connection cues have been designed for you to explore your connection with yourself and your body through sex-positive affirmations, self-love prompts and self-reflection journal questions!

2. Work through the cards in a way that feels good for you - we recommend either pulling one daily or setting aside a few special date nights (with yourself ofc) to dig deeper and feel all your feelings!

Clean Queen: 

Treat Your Self Love Products As They Treat You

1. Spritz and wait a few seconds until dry. That's it!

2. Note: Clean Queen is not a replacement for washing toys and accessories with clean water.

3. Store at room temperature.

4. Do not use if the product seal is broken.

I Come First Calendar:

14 Day of Tips + Tricks Exclusive to the I Come First Challenge 

1. The 14 Day Challenge Calendar was designed by the babes at VUSH HQ to help you to put yourself first. Use this calendar to stay accountable + committed. 

2. Work through the curated steps each day of the challenge and tick them off as you go! See the results for yourself after 14 days.


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