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Everything you ever wanted to know about the G-Spot

Everything you ever wanted to know about the G-Spot

What is the G-spot?

Oh the glorious G-spot - controversially debated by various researchers as to whether it exists or not. Why? Because there has been no general consensus over what the G-spot is and while some vulva owners can orgasm through stimulating the G-spot, others find it uncomfortable. The bottom line, all that matters is that if there’s a spot inside the vagina that gives you immense pleasure, roll with it baby!.

The G-spot is positioned on the anterior wall of the vagina, about 5-8cm above the opening of the vagina. It is actually part of the clitorial network, which means that when you’re stimulating the G-spot, you are actually stimulating part of the clitoris (the clitoris honestly deserves a medal for how much pleasure it can bring) #giftthatkeepsongiving

How do I find it?

The G-spot can be a little challenging to locate inside the vagina. I’d recommend exploring it first through solo-play (this is a great way to learn about the wonders of your beautiful and complex body). The easiest way to find it is if you lie on your back and insert one or two fingers into the vagina with your palm facing up. Using a “come hither” motion, see if you can feel the tissue surrounding the urethra called the urethral sponge, which will begin to swell when aroused. This puffy area is called the G-spot (aka, the part stimulated when squirting can happen, more on that later!). Keep in mind that the G-spot isn’t like an internal button that we can switch on, it’ll need a little bit of massaging, lubrication and exploration. Go by feel and where it feels good for you. For some, when this area is stimulated it will feel like you need to urinate and after a few seconds may turn into a pleasurable sensation but for others, it’ll continuously feel uncomfortable (and that’s totally ok too - there’s plenty of other erogenous zones that you can stimulate!).

How do I pleasure it?

Great question babe - I got you. You can get a little experimental with it - either with a partner or solo, using fingers, a penis or sex toy designed for G-spot penetration. I’ve got a breakdown of some ways you can give it a go. .

Try one of these sex positions with a partner (the beauty of these positions is that they allow you to control the movements so you can figure out where it feels good internally).


The penetrating partner lays on their back, the receiving partner climbs on top to straddle them. This gives the receiving partner complete control over rhythm, depth and angle of penetration so you can focus on finding that G-spot. My recommendation is instead of moving up and down, try moving back and forth to stimulate the G-spot area. .

Doggy style

Doggy style allows for deeper penetration and angle variation to hit that G-spot. The receiving partner is on their hands and knees, whilst the penetrating partner kneels behind them. I’d recommend for the receiving partner to lean down on their forearms or push their hips backwards to change the angle until you hit the sweet spot. .

Closed missionary position

This is a riff-off of the classic (crowd pleaser) missionary position! The receiving partner starts on their back in missionary position before moving their legs together. The penetrating partner legs will straddle the receiving partner's legs for a tighter squeeze. This position offers a more shallow penetration but it does create a tighter feeling and increased friction against the G-spot region. .

Alternatively, you could pleasure the glorious G-spot with a sex toy, specifically designed to stimulate the sensitive tissue inside the vagina. How do these magical G-spot vibrators set themselves apart from the rest? Well, they feature a longer wand, textured design and are perfectly angled to hit THE spot (G-spot to be specific). My personal faves are Myth and Muse, check them out (beware, you may struggle with productivity after purchasing).

Opening the floodgates

We’re talking about squirting babes! Upfront recommendation, do yourself a favour and purchase a waterproof mattress protector because it’s about to be dripping wet (hot!). Squirting is not pee, it is an involuntary short, sharp projection of fluid out of the vagina. Some people refer to it as ‘female ejaculation.’ It can happen very rarely (a bit of a one hit wonder you might say) or happen all the time, it really depends on the person. .

I wish I could give you an exact step by step guide on how to make either you or your partner squirt (it feels pretty phenomenal), but it is a matter of exploration. Here’s some things to keep in mind: Relax and take your time. Go into the experience with a sense of curiosity and playfulness. If it happens, good for you! If not, you’ve still encountered (hopefully) some serious pleasure. Locate the G-spot inside the vagina and stimulate it (this directly triggers squirting) Be patient. Leave expectations at the door, it may take some time (like all good things!).

For a more detailed guide on Squirting see our blog post What Is Squirting & How To Squirt - Complete Guide.

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