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Ella + Dom - Why we're vibing with VUSH

Ella + Dom - Why we're vibing with VUSH

It's 2023, why do you think there is still so much shame around masturbation and self pleasure?

DOM: There is still such a stigma around self-pleasure and masturbation, and it's something that's really important to Ella and I to normalise and talk about on our podcast and social media platforms. Self-love is self-care. It's just like getting a facial or taking yourself to get a massage. We really want to spread the word, far and wide, and that's why we wanted to create a vibrator that works for everyone - no matter what your preference is in the bedroom.

ELLA: I know whenever I've spoken about masturbation or the self-love game on socials, people tend to have a really mixed response. I think it's probably a mix of a generational thing and what people were taught growing up - it can obviously make some people uncomfortable if they've never openly talked about it before. However, I think because I explored self pleasure from such a young age, it's totally normal for me and in my mind it isn't and shouldn't be considered taboo. 


Why did you want to collaborate with a sex toy company? & Why VUSH?

DOM: The reason I really wanted to collaborate with VUSH was because I absolutely love their whole brand ethos and their messaging - they’re all about self-love, education and putting yourself first and that's what Ella and I are all about!  
ELLA: I've always been such a big fan of VUSH and their commitment to normalising the self love game - so it was the perfect partnership! I've been using vibrators since I was 18, so self pleasure is something that I'm super passionate and comfortable talking about - it's been a huge part of shaping the confident woman I am today. 

How did it feel working with your best friend to bring this toy to life?

DOM: Getting to work with my best friend to bring our very own sex toy to life with VUSH has been the best experience in the entire world. It doesn't really feel like work when you get to work with such an incredible team and your best friend. I'm just feeling so blessed and lucky and I think you can really see that with the product that we've brought out - because it's absolutely incredible! 

ELLA: The VUSH team have honestly been amazing and it has just been such a surreal experience! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity for the both of us and we're so grateful that we get to work on such a fun project together, it's very, very special.


Do you prefer a self love session in the morning or at night? 

DOM: That's a hard one for me to choose but I can't go past a night time session. I think you just always sleep better after a big O!

ELLA: I'm a real morning person - that's when I skyrocket. I'm waking up and I'm like, babe, let's get the day started right! 


What’s the biggest learning experience you have had along your pleasure journey?

DOM: My biggest learning experience is just to embrace it and not be ashamed of it! Talk about masturbation and self-love with your friends. I think the more that we all talk about it and be open and honest with those around us, the more normalised it will become and thats the ultimate goal for me. 

ELLA: My biggest learning experience was taking the time to really understand myself and my body. As soon as you can understand what you like, it's just going to make your experience, with yourself and other people so much better. So I think just taking the time to explore and learning to communicate your preferences too. 


Everyone has different preferences, how did you two make sure this toy would be the perfect match for everyone?

DOM: : We knew that we wanted our toy to be perfect for everyone's preferences. We wanted it to work both internally and externally - after all, we're two different gals with two different preferences. So all the little features that we included, ensure that no matter where or how you like it, this is going to work for you.

ELLA:Funnily enough Dom and I both like to receive pleasure very differently when it comes to that side of things. Dom is team internal and I'm team external, so it was really important to us that this toy served both of us! We all initially came up with the helix design and then we decided to incorporate the tip and twist so it would work for both of us! 

Ella, what is your favourite thing about the Twist Vibrator?

ELLA: I'm obsessed with the little head and the way it twists and wiggles - our toy is unlike anything I've ever tried before and it just takes things to the next level! I can also confirm, Its not only great solo - it's amazing to use with a partner too ;) 

Dom, what is your favourite thing about the Twist Vibrator?

DOM: My favourite thing about our vibrator is that it hits the spot every. single. time. I love that I know that it's always gonna get me to the finish line! Ladies, you know what I'm talking about.


What’s your favourite way to connect with your mind + body?

DOM: My favourite way to connect with my mind and body is honestly to switch off all social media and just really connect with my myself. Whether that be taking my dog for a walk or having a nice hot bath or a nice self pleasure sesh. Just taking the time for me. 

ELLA: Alot of the tools that I use that help me relax are actually from my new wellness app - 4U PLUS. It really teaches you the basics of how to be with yourself. Whether it's a really simple beginner's meditation or listening to an educational podcast episode on sex or breath work. I also do a lot of journaling, for me that's really unloading my thoughts in a really safe space. No one's reading your journal - so you can be really honest with yourself. 


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