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8 Reasons It's Selfish Not To Masturbate

Masturbation has the potential to make you a better version of yourself. Not only does it feel great in the moment, it can actually provide mental, physical, and social benefits. Taking time for yourself and your pleasure is a selfless act that will ultimately bring out the best in you.

Instead of solely viewing masturbation as play and pleasure (which it is; there’s no denying it’s lots of fun), try expanding your definition of masturbation to include an investment in your productivity, health, mood, and relationships.

We often hear about the importance of a healthy sex life but don’t always acknowledge that this starts with solo sex. You don’t need a partner to reap the benefits of sex and have an expansive, rewarding sex life. If you do have a partner, make sure you’re not forgetting about your self pleasure practice! Masturbation is healthy regardless of your relationship status.

So, let’s learn how to become our best selves and dig into these sexy benefits. VUSH’s sexpert, Steph, is here to share the top eight reasons masturbation is good for you.


8 Reasons It's Selfish NOT To Masturbate

1. Increase Productivity

Masturbation is often the best route to orgasm, and orgasm actually alters the brain (in a good way). Orgasms stimulate blood flow to the brain, which can reduce brain fog and increase focus and concentration. The chemicals released by orgasms can boost energy levels, leaving you prepared to take on the day. How often do you masturbate first thing in the morning? Why not set your alarm 20 mins earlier than usual and try it out? (Let’s be real, 5 - 10 mins if you’re using a sex toy.) See if you notice a difference in your brain and energy levels!

Woman sitting at cafe working on computer with a coffee


2. Reduce Stress

Masturbation is one of the best stress relievers out there. While partnered sex can occasionally evoke stress due to concerns like relationship dynamics or body image, solo sex gives you the chance to focus on feeling good without the pressure of a partner present.

Orgasms relieve tension to reduce physiological stress in the body and produce hormones that support mental relaxation. Orgasms release oxytocin, which can decrease anxiety and reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. However, masturbation doesn’t need to include orgasm to relieve stress. Solo sex is a self soothing method; just the touch alone can be calming.



3. Better Sleep

There’s a reason we often have our self pleasure sessions before bed. While orgasms can give you energy, they can also help your body relax enough to promote a good night’s sleep. Masturbation regulates the nervous system. It is associated with the hormone prolactin, which can impact sleep. Adding self pleasure to your nighttime routine signals to your body that it's time to unwind. Not only can it make it easier to go to sleep, it can make you sleep better throughout the night (or day, we love an arvo nap).

Woman sleeping on her stomach in bed with white sheets


4. Boost Mood

Once again, those beautiful hormones that come from orgasms are responsible for this benefit. Post sex high is a real thing; it’s a dopamine rush. Orgasms release endorphins, which boost serotonin, relieve pain, and ultimately make you feel good. Oxytocin, sometimes known as the cuddle hormone, is also released during orgasm. To sum up, there’s a lot of good stuff happening in the brain, which can manifest in a good mood for the rest of the day.



5. Improve Relationships

Self pleasure can improve both your connection to yourself and others. The health benefits of masturbation can benefit those around you. If you feel better in yourself, you will treat those around you better and be a more supportive friend, partner, or family member.

Additionally, learning about your body through masturbation means you can teach partners exactly what you like, which will also enhance your communication skills! Since everyone’s anatomy and erogenous zones are different, you need to take responsibility for your pleasure rather than leaving the onus on a partner.

Woman with red beanie smiling and cuddling woman with orange beanie


6. Better Physical Health

Let’s be real, sex is a workout. Sweaty sex is good for you! It gets your heart rate up. Not only does it definitely feel like you’ve moved your body, it also strengthens your pelvic floor. Orgasms involve contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. Calling all external vibrator owners - Did you know they can double as massagers and pain relievers? Soothe sore muscles, blocked sinuses, or clogged lactation milk ducts, and reward yourself with a big O.


7. Release Emotions

Has an orgasm ever left you feeling raw and emotional? Maybe you’ve even had a little post-cum cry. This may sound a bit scary and vulnerable, but it’s good for you! Sometimes post-coital crying happens when the body needs a physical release, while other times it’s a needed form of emotional regulation. Perhaps there’s something you’ve been holding on to or ignoring. Instead of directing your anger at a loved one or telling yourself you’re okay when you’re not, try masturbating to unleash your emotions in a healthy way.

Woman sitting with chin in her hands in front of neon sign that reads "feelings"


8. Practice Mindfulness

Sex and masturbation demands presence in a way not many other activities do. It truly is a form of mindfulness. If you’re not fully in the moment during sex, it can be hard to embody the bodily sensations and feel pleasure in its fullest capacity. Masturbation offers a unique opportunity to truly check in with your body and what it needs.

Ever promised yourself you’re going to start meditating once a day and just never got around to it? Meditation may not be for everyone, but masturbation is one way to practice mindfulness without having to sit down and actively try to clear your mind.


Stop Being Selfish, Start Self Pleasure!

Masturbation should be a part of your daily wellness routine. You know how you brush your teeth and drink water every day without fail? What would happen if you prioritised masturbation in the same way? 

Our #IComeFirst campaign challenges VUSH babes to add self pleasure to their daily routine. Join our Facebook community group to keep up to date and try our 30 day challenge now.



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