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Three women holding VUSH vibrator boxes with stickers saying "I come first" and "more self love"

Masturbation Challenge - Join Our 30 Day Challenge

When prioritising pleasure, it’s time you come first! With VUSH’s 30-Day ‘I Come First’ Masturbation Challenge, we empower people to take charge of their pleasure and wellbeing and experiment with a bunch of different ways to masturbate.

Aiming to spread the word that sex is an important aspect of wellbeing (not just a way to have fun and feel good), this masturbation challenge provides the opportunity for people to understand their bodies better, learn how to masturbate and to recognise its many, many benefits.

Sick of feeling stressed, tired and always saying ‘yes’? Life can be busy, tiring, and overwhelming. Now more than ever, prioritising self love has never been more important. So, if you are wondering how to masturbate or what a masturbation challenge could mean for you, let’s jump right in!


What are the Benefits of Masturbation?

Let’s start with the basics — what is masturbation? Simply put, this refers to any way that we stimulate our genitals to experience a range of sexual pleasure. However, this isn’t limited to just genitals — there are multiple erogenous zones on the body that can be used during masturbation, including the anus, nipples, neck, thighs, hands, and more.

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to masturbate. A common reason people don’t masturbate is because they just don’t know what to do or how to do it! Each individual human body is different, so your approach to self pleasure needs to reflect this. That said, there are universal benefits that everyone can enjoy when prioritising self love.

There are many benefits of masturbation, from increasing blood flow through your body to releasing a selection of ‘feel-good’ chemicals in the brain. Don’t believe us? 

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy as part of your 30-Day ‘I Come First’ Masturbation Challenge

1. Improves Productivity

Things seem easier to manage when you are in a good mood, right? One of the many benefits of masturbation is the release of endorphins that keep you feeling brighter for longer. Masturbation increases blood flow to the brain, ramping up your productivity. So, maybe start your day with a little intimate TLC and discover how productive you can be! 

2. Lowers Stress Levels

When you masturbate for 30 days in a row, you will discover that it is an incredible stress reliever. The release of oxytocin during orgasm reduces stress and inflammation in the body. Even masturbation without an orgasm is calming for the body and mind. It’s a way to self-soothe — a process that is often neglected by adults.

3. Improves Sleep Quality

When you are experimenting with how to masturbate, try things out just before bed. Research suggests masturbation with orgasm can contribute to ‘slow-wave’ sleep, the deepest non-REM sleep cycle we can experience. Have you ever felt cuddly and sleepy after sex? The best sleep is always the post-sex slumber!

4. Boosts Your Mood

Inject a little pleasure into your month with the 30-Day Masturbation Challenge and enjoy a happier mood for longer. We’ve all felt that post-sex high (which is actually a dopamine and endorphin rush). You always feel better after a good maz.

5. Better Digestion

When you are relaxed and stress-free, you can benefit from a more balanced gut microbiome. This means regular masturbation can result in better digestion and less bloating. Yes, getting off is good for you! Give it a go, in the name of health.

6. Improves Skin

Masturbation can offer a boost to your skin, resulting in a brighter, glowing complexion. There are both hormonal and vascular explanations for this. Ever been told you’re “glowing”, only to remember your good sex or mindful masturbation session earlier that day?

7. Increases Blood Flow

Masturbation improves circulation and can contribute to your body’s response to sexual stimulation. Over time, this will lead to even better sex and stronger orgasms. This is also part of the reason masturbation can lead to productivity.

8. Strengthens Pelvic Floor

Did you know that self pleasure can exercise your pelvic floor? Yes, it’s true — masturbation is actually a terrific way to strengthen pelvic muscles and activate your pelvic floor. Self pleasure is a great opportunity to get in touch with this area and build your awareness of pelvic health. Try squeezing and relaxing the muscles, or moving your hips around during masturbation.


Why Don’t We Masturbate, But Should?

Unfortunately, masturbation is still a touchy subject for some — pun intended. While it is an entirely natural behaviour, the practice is considered taboo in some circles or cultures, particularly for people who have been socialised as women. Not everyone is talking about self love and vibrators on a daily basis like we are at VUSH.

But with all the potential benefits of masturbation on offer, why are some people reluctant to engage in self pleasure?

1. Lack of Time

Me-time is not always high on everyone’s to-do list — especially if you’ve been raised to serve the needs of others before their own. Sexual wellbeing is a key piece of the health and wellness puzzle, and should be prioritised as highly as eating well, moving your body and connecting with others. Since orgasm can actually improve productivity, it’s time to add self pleasure to your daily routine and get the best out of yourself and your body. If you’re looking for a more efficient way to masturbate, look no further than VUSH’s range of high quality vibrators.

2. Guilt 

The relationship between guilt and sex can come in a number of forms. Some people feel guilty taking time for themselves or shame about their desire to touch themselves. Others don’t feel genuinely worthy of pleasure or still believe the myth that a cis-het woman’s role in sex is to provide pleasure for their partners. The truth is, you deserve pleasure, and you can give it to yourself.

3. Lack of Experience

Many vulva owners do not know the best way to masturbate, let alone the many benefits of masturbation. Some people feel confused by vulva anatomy and where the pleasure spots are (we all know someone who doesn’t know where the clit is). It’s okay if you haven’t quite worked out your body works yet. No one teaches you how to masturbate — except us! We have a blog all about vulvas, including techniques to use during masturbation, and a masturbation and sex toy guide for beginners for those interested in getting a vibrator to take the experience to a new level.


How Do I Start the 30-Day Masturbation Challenge?

Here’s how you can get started on your masturbation challenge today. 

1. Set Up Your 30-Day Masturbation Challenge Calendar

A visual calendar will help you get things started and track how you are progressing. Take charge of your routine and pencil in time to masturbate each day. When you sign up to VUSH’s 30-Day Masturbation Challenge, you will receive a calendar outlining a different challenge each day — from new positions to erotica recommendations and possible locations to get it on.

2. Journal Your Experience

Journaling is an excellent way to learn more about yourself while on your 30-day masturbation journey. Take note of what you like or don’t like. Notice how you feel before, during and after each daily challenge. Watch as you discover the best way to masturbate for you through exploration and reflection.

3. Use Lube

So many people don’t realise how much lube adds to the experience of masturbation (and partnered sex, for that matter). It removes awkward friction and adds a layer of sensuality to the experience. Whether it’s an oil-based lubricant or water-based intimate gel, lube makes your smooth moves even smoother! Remember that silicone-based lube cannot be used with silicone sex toys and oil-based lube can break down condoms.

4. Use Vibrators

There is a lot to be said for a great vibrator. Whether you’re new to toys or you’ve had a whole world of experience in the field, investing in some quality toys can spice things up and help the experimentation process. A vibrator is an essential in a 30-Day Masturbation Challenge, and a variety of vibrators to choose from each day is even better. 



Read More on Stimulation  

Get on to your 30-Day Masturbation Challenge today! We guarantee you will experience the incredible benefits of masturbation in no time, along with many new ways to experiment with your body to reach its pleasure potential.

You can learn more about the many ways to ramp up your one-on-one sesh by checking out our VUSH blog. We guarantee we’ve covered everything from the five love languages to using toys like bullet vibrators and rabbit vibrators.

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts or questions about how VUSH can support your masturbation journey, contact us today or send us a message online.

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