These Influencer-Endorsed Wellness Products Are More Than Meets The Eye

Mid shot of four women each holding one vibrator from the VUSH Pop Collection

Aussie sex toy brand VUSH — yep, the geniuses responsible for the iconic, sold-out Abbie Chatfield collab — has released possibly the most aesthetic vibrator range known to man: the Pop Collection.

Compact, ~discreet~ and in heavenly pastel pink, you could chuck these in your makeup bag and then immediately mistake them for some kind of cute lil’ beauty tool. Just look how adorable they are:


Yep, you wouldn’t even know that these little beauty blender-looking gadgets pack a hell of a pleasure punch.

There’s four VUSH prods in the Pop Collection to choose from, for whatever blows your skirt up. All of them feature magnetic charging so you don’t need to buy actually batteries for them — and means they’re 100% waterproof. Bath time never looked so fun, tbh.
As a bonus, these sex toys are made from medical grade silicone so can be used on lotsa different parts of your body. Plus, they start at just $55, which is just a good deal.
There’s the Gloss, a bullet vibrator which will set you back just $55. It may resemble a tube of lippy but it’s a hell of a lot more handy, with 10 vibration settings and precision point vibes that give you all the control.




Next cab off the rank is the Plump, a palm vibrator that looks uncannily like a beauty blender. I mean sure, you can use it to apply makeup but the Plump’s speciality is its powers of vulva stimulation, just so you know.




If you’re a multitasker, then the Swish might be your go-to. It has dual tips, so is basically double the fun – and the arms are flexible, meaning you can really make it work for whatever and wherever you want, including all those bits you can’t see without a hand mirror.




Rounding out the collection is the Shine, which again looks like some kind of gua sha facial tool but is actually your g-spot’s new bestie. Designed to be used internally and externally, the Shine will probably have you cancelling your freedom plans.


These VUSH folks are smart — knowing that you wouldn’t be able to single out a fave, they’ve also bundled all four products together into the Full Pop Collection Set. Honestly, why would you ever need to date again. 




You can go and choose your player over at VUSH, and then proceed to leave them on your bathroom shelf where absolutely no one will realise there’s actually a sex toy next to your night cream. It’s genius.


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