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The Wellness Product That Abbie Chatfield Can't Get Enough Of

The Wellness Product That Abbie Chatfield Can't Get Enough Of

She’s irresistible, has a passion for self love, is bold, and tonnes of fun! No, we aren’t just talking about the new ABBIE G-Spot vibrator, Abbie Chatfield is all those things too!

We sat down with her while shooting the ABBIE campaign so she could tell you herself, why her collection and normalising self love are all so important to her. 

Abbie has a true love for us and we are obsessed with that! Apart from wanting some validation, we also wanted to know why she loves VUSH so much? “VUSH has been really great in their message of female pleasure not being designed for the male gaze. That was a huge thing that we spoke about in our first meeting, and I just adore that about them. 

It isn’t about us being in black lingerie with, like, pleaser heels on, which all the power to you if you can do that when you masturbate” and of course she had to let us know that we have “given [her] at least three orgasms a day, which is really beautiful!” Oh, she knows how to make us feel special! 

We’re sure you’re all probably wondering why exactly Abbie wanted to come out with her very own new bedroom buddy? “Having sex toys incorporated into your sex life, I think is so important...I think the biggest thing is that a lot of people who have vaginas and vulvas really struggle to reach orgasm, and they think something is wrong with them. But in fact, sometimes you just need a little bit of extra mechanical help. 
It can make your orgasms better. It can make sex more interactive with your partner if they can see how much you're loving your new sex toy. And also it'll make you happier.”

Of course, we had to ask Abbie about self love and how that has helped her self pleasure! She told us that loving yourself and falling in love with yourself is a really important step! 


“My biggest tip, turning yourself on and probably reaching a bigger orgasm is to seduce yourself. Have a nice bath. If you have one, put on some candles, touch yourself slowly and seduce yourself how you would like to be produced by a partner. Don't just go straight into penetration… Touch the titties. Touch the clit. Get worked up, lube some things up and enjoy yourself.”

The design was a big thing we both wanted to perfect, Abbie told us that it was super important to address the issues and needs of everyone who would use this.
“We were thinking about this vibrator because it is a G-Spot Vibrator. We made the stem, or shaft, longer. I had a really big struggle with a lot of vibrators that were internal getting my hand around. And now this fixes that - no more hand cramping.” We love a thoughtful bestie! 
With a shared love for mixing empowerment and sexuality and really normalising it, a truly iconic duo was born. We can’t wait for you to love VUSH x ABBIE as much as we do!
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