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What is Mindful Masturbation?

Just when you thought self pleasure couldn’t get any better, we’d like to introduce you to mindful masturbation. Pleasuring yourself has deeper links to your whole body wellness than just a bit of you time, and mindful masturbation in particular flips the idea of stereotypical masturbation on its head, leaning into more self love, self pleasure, and self discovery. So let’s take a dive into mindful masturbation.

What does mindful masturbation even mean?

Mindful masturbation is giving a whole new meaning to self love. Self love and mindful masturbation aren’t just about the orgasm at the end but the way you love, appreciate, and treat yourself during. It’s about connecting with yourself on a totally different level.

How is mindful masturbation different?

It’s like meditation, but so much better. Where meditation is all about breathing to relax, this is relaxing through heightening other senses.

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How do I masturbate mindfully?

Mindful masturbation is about getting out of the autopilot funk and moving into something more exciting - whether that is burning a particular scented candle to match your mood, popping on a new playlist every time, trying a new angle, or bringing out a new toy - trying new things is all masturbating mindfully. The key is to be comfortable with yourself and in your space!

Why should I change? Is it even worth it?

As we said before, everything is individual. What works for some doesn’t work for everyone, but we believe everything is worth a try. Changing it up can also help with sex in general, kickstarting low libido, bettering orgasms, and also understanding what you want! What's not to love! Masturbation is more than just a way to pass time, it should be a staple of your self love routine, because it’s important to treat yourself and give your body what it deserves.

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