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Brunette woman holding VUSH Empress 2 and blonde woman holding VUSH Majesty 2

5 Staff Share Their Favourite Sex Toy

Ever wonder which of our products are the favourites amongst our VUSH team?

There’s no doubt that when you join a sexual wellness brand your collection basically explodes over night. Just like a doting mother, you don’t want to admit to having a favourite child. But there is always one that holds a special place in your heart, that you end up reaching for time and time again.

We are taking a peek inside the bedside drawers of 5 VUSH staff to find out what has changed their self love game! 


1. Rose 2 Precision Bullet Vibrator

Woman with dark hair holding VUSH Rose 2 bullet vibrator

Who: Ria Chhina, Accounts Assistant

Weapon of Choice: Rose 2 Precision Bullet Vibrator

Why it has changed Ria’s self love game: 

Rose 2 is one of the first VUSH toys I used and let me tell you, I was instantly attached. It's so small and compact, yet so effective! It’s perfect for me because I'm big on clitoral stimulation only. Rose 2 is a great introduction to vibrators in general because it’s so easy to use. Plus the rose and petal detailing on the design feels so luxurious, you know you’re using a special toy rather than just any old vibrator. It’s honestly just pretty to look at too. If you're just getting into vibrators and at the beginning of your self love journey, it's hard to pass up Rose 2!

Shop the Rose 2 Precision Bullet Vibrator here



2. Muse Rabbit Vibrator 

Woman with blonde hair holding VUSH Muse rabbit vibrator

Who: Caitlyn Smith, Senior Product Development Manager

Weapon of Choice: Muse Rabbit Vibrator 

Why it has changed Caitlyn’s self love game: 

There’s no reason your wellness routine shouldn’t replicate your skincare routine. You have your daily rituals like serums and moisturisers, your bi-weekly rituals such as exfoliants, and then your monthly pampers like a facial. Since Muse entered my life it has been a main event in my wellness routine. I like making a whole evening out of this special occasion toy. I clear my schedule, set the mood with my favourite music, burn some candles and absolutely do not rush the experience! Never before have I experienced a toy that replicates penetrative sex quite like Muse. The movement of the internal arm gently hitting your G-spot sends waves of pleasure and the soft, flexible external arm hits the right spot. Every. Damn. Time.

Shop the Muse Rabbit Vibrator here



3. Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator

Woman with dark blonde hair holding VUSH Majesty 2 wand vibrator

Who: Steph Andrews, Educational Content Specialist (Sexology)

Weapon of Choice: Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator

Why it has changed Steph’s self love game: 

I’m at the stage in my vibrator collection where I have the luxury of choosing a vibe based on my vibe. When I’m feeling confident but still only wanting external stimulation, Majesty 2 is my go-to. The powerful vibrations and large surface area create such a different sensation to the pin-pointed clitoral stimulation that I get from a bullet or vacuum suction. The size of the toy is perfect for partnered play as it’s easy to hold and manoeuvre. Majesty 2 is part of my self love routine not only as a tool for sexual pleasure, but also as a massager for when I need to give the rest of my body some extra love. And to be honest, the fact that I have the same sex toy as Cardi B makes me feel super cool.

Shop the Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator here



4. Swish Dual Tip Vibrator

Woman with dark hair holding VUSH Swish dual-tip vibrator

Who: Hui Min, Digital Content Specialist

Weapon of Choice: Swish Dual Tip Vibrator

Why it has changed Hui Min’s self love game: 

In my opinion, Swish is one of the most underrated VUSH toys. The dual tip makes it super unique! Swish has pretty much become a part of my heavy rotation. It’s an amazing combination of versatile and powerful. The nimble arms gently caress your clit in the best way, and because it’s flexible, you can adjust it to fit your body’s needs. I have everything I need within those 10 settings. I also like that it comes in a case that’s super discreet. Swish can be used solo, but is also small enough that it doesn’t get in the way when you’re using it with a partner.

Shop the Swish Dual Tip Vibrator here



5. Gloss Bullet Vibrator

Woman with dark blonde hair holding VUSH Gloss bullet vibrator

Who: Emelie Joubert, Brand Manager

Weapon of Choice: Gloss Bullet Vibrator

Why it has changed Emelie’s self love game:

A bullet vibrator is one of the best entry level toys you can ask for, which is exactly why I love Gloss! The entire Pop Collection is amazing, it’s hard to choose a favourite. Gloss is sleek and compact which makes it super travel friendly and discreet (away from those pesky roommate eyes!). It has a really strong rumbly vibration that I turn up or down depending on what feels good! I have mine in the colour Pink Friday but it also comes in a beautiful pastel blue or purple, and I kind of want them all. Gloss is a must have if you’re not sure where to start!

Shop the Gloss Bullet Vibrator here

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