Welcome to the Vush Self Love Revolution, babe!

We’re so excited you’re here. Get comfy and let us give you the lowdown on what we’re all about.

At Vush, we want you to love loving yourself. There’s nothing shameful or taboo about a vibrator, and our goal is for you to feel so comfortable talking about what’s happening under your covers (or in the shower, or on the couch) that you can swap stories and recommendations with the people in your life the way we swap beauty tips.

We’re building a community and a vibe where people with clitorises, vulvas or vaginas can do just that: feel safe and excited to bring forward these discussions with no shame. The secret’s out - everybody’s doing it! So let’s help each other do it better.

Vush products are designed with you and your body in mind. Our self love toys all have varying levels of intensity, and are made with super soft body safe silicone. Whether you’re buying your first sex toy, or adding to an already impressive collection, there’s a Vush for everybody. We want to empower you to embrace what your body can do, and oh boy - just you wait! If we keep talking openly, exploring enthusiastically, and learning together, we can transform the way the world views sexuality and wellness. Are you ready for the revolution?


Our whole vibe is helping you to love yourself. We’re known as ‘the beauty brand of sex toys’, and our goal is to empower people to fall in love with themselves by reclaiming their sexuality and confidence through self pleasure. We believe every beauty and wellness journey should include embracing your sexuality.

At Vush, we know self pleasure and self care go hand in hand. Using a sexual wellness device is as natural as cleansing your face, or conditioning your hair. Showing your body some love is the ultimate act of self care, and will have a hugely positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. We want the Vush community across the globe to spread the message of More Self Love by supporting each other's sexual health and wellbeing, which starts by embracing your own.

We’re not just all talk; we have 3,500 five star reviews for a reason. We’ve taken the revolution to our Instagram, with over 350,000 followers beginning their journey to #MoreSelfLove with us. We have collaborated with over 500 incredible, influential women who embody the Vush values, and want to help us inspire and encourage the Vush community to embrace their sexuality. Our latest step in helping people around the world normalise, discuss, and learn about self pleasure and self care is Self Love Nation, a space for honest discussion, sex-ed that we should all have received in high school, tricky life and love questions, and the latest tips and tricks for more self love.


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"We’d suggest Vush’s The Empress sex toy, a clitoral vacuum stimulator that has over 1,000 five star reviews online.”

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